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Jason Bay could be open to returning to Red Sox, according to report

Jason Bay would consider coming back to the Boston Red Sox after the New York Mets terminated his contract a year early.

Anthony Gruppuso-US PRESSWIRE

Jason Bay might consider a return to the Boston Red Sox, the team where he earned the massive contract the New York Mets decided to terminate early Wednesday.

Now a free agent, Bay reportedly would consider coming back to the team where he had two productive seasons, although he has not spoken to any teams about next season. The Red Sox are in the market for a left fielder after trading away Carl Crawford this past season.

The Mets opted to buy out the $21 million remaining on Bay's four-year, $66 million contract rather than keep him on the roster for next season. Bay had hit .267 with 36 homers in his final season in Boston in 2009 and wanted to sign with the team, but questions about the health of the left fielder's knees caused the deal to fall apart. Instead, he signed with the Mets, where he hit .234 with 26 home runs over three injury-riddled seasons. This past season, the 34-year-old suffered a major drop-off from his already weak numbers, hitting only .165.