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John Farrell introduced as new Red Sox manager Tuesday

John Farrell was introduced as the 46th manager of the Boston Red Sox Tuesday at a press conference at Fenway Park. Farrell's Boston introduction came a few days after his new team, and his old team, the Toronto Blue Jays, confirmed a trade. Farrell takes over for Bobby Valentine, who was fired after leading the Red Sox to a disappointing 69-win season.

At the presser, Farrell made three things clear: One, he wanted the job, two, he will run a team that is aggressive, and three, he will make clear to his players that he's the one in charge.

Last season Farrell helped the Blue Jays compile a 73-89 record and finish fourth in the American League East Division standings in his first season at the helm. From 2006-10, Farrell served under former Red Sox manager Terry Francona as the Red Sox's pitching coach. Farrell feels his familiarity with the organization will help with the transition process, via The Boston Globe:

"Boston is in my mind the epicenter of the game. To come in and have at least four years of experience previous, not having sat in the seat, but to be close to it, that energy and what people expect holds people accountable for the effort they put out every single night."

Farrell said one of the biggest things he will do as a manager is win the respect of his players – something many believe Valentine never did, and Francona lost over time:

"It's something that you earn, you develop, and you have to maintain it with a consistent approach. That doesn't mean it's always going to be rosy. There's going to be challenges, there's going to be tough conversations to have with individual players, but I think the willingness to have those conversations and to be candid and upfront, that's where you can earn that trust, day in and day out."

General Manager Ben Cherington praised Farrell and said the working relationship between the two can help lead to a winning franchise.