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AFC Championship game 2013 predictions: Ravens vs. Patriots

Though most experts like the Ravens to keep the game close, support overwhelmingly falls in the Patriots' corner for a return to the Super Bowl.

Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

Picking with a spread as large as 9.5 points for an AFC Championship Game, the experts over at CBS Sports understandably picked against the favored New England Patriots.

In fact, all eight experts picked for the Baltimore Ravens to make the game at least closer than the impressively large spread oddsmakers had installed in favor of the Patriots. But when it came time to pick the game straight up, the tune was different.

Of the eight, only Jason La Canfora picked the Ravens, leaving the other seven voting in favor of a return trip to the Super Bowl for the Patriots.

Over at Yahoo! Sports, the tune was similar, as one of the three experts, Les Carpenter, picked the Ravens, while the other two, Mike Silver and Jason Cole, voted in favor of New England.

Last weekend all three accurately predicted that the Patriots would top the Houston Texans, however, none of the three were able to pin down the pick in favor of the Ravens topping the Denver Broncos.