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Tom Brady ranks 2nd in Pro Bowl voting

The Patriots quarterback is second only behind rival Peyton Manning as voting for the Pro Bowl enters its final weeks.

Jim Rogash

Tom Brady continues to trail only Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning in 2012 Pro Bowl voting, as the Patriots quarterback marches New England towards another postseason appearance. Brady staked his claim for the MVP award in the national Monday night spotlight this week, but Manning's return after a season away is garnering just as many headlines.

Manning has 823,372 votes while Brady comes in second in the NFL with 746,710 total votes. This, of course, currently slots Manning as the starting QB on the AFC side. Aaron Rodgers is the top NFC quarterback vote-getter, but he does not fall in the top five overall.

Rob Gronkowski is currently the only Patriots player on offense leading at his respective position. Gronk is the seventh overall vote-getter with 545,514 votes. On the defensive side of the ball, Jerod Mayo leads at the inside linebacker position with 267,157 votes.

The complete teams will be announced on a special Pro Bowl selection show on Dec. 26 on NFL Network.