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Patriots reaction: Poll says Bill Belichick is overrated

According to a Sporting News survey, Bill Belicick is the second most overrated coach in the NFL. Patriots blog Pats Pulpit is not buying it.


Sporting News conducted a survey of 103 players from 27 teams across the league, and New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick was voted the second-most overrated coach in the NFL behind only Rex Ryan of the New York Jets. Alec Shane at Pats Pulpit takes some issue with that designation and the polling used to obtain the results.

Shane says that 15% of the players surveyed "thought that Bill Belichick, with his three rings, five Super Bowl Appearances, six AFCC appearances, highest winning percentage, and records out the wazoo, is the most overrated." In addition to the mentioned accolades, Belichick has been voted AP NFL Coach of the Year three times.

Shane also takes issue with the small sample size used, saying 103 players represents 6% of the league, and that if "only 15% of that 6% are idiots voted for Belichick, that leads me to conclude that a grand total of .009% of the NFL is of the opinion that Bill Belichick is overrated."

To make it clear that his problem isn't just with Belichick, but with the survey on the whole, Shane says he disagrees with the choice of Rex Ryan as the most overrated coach as well. His opinion:

You want to talk overrated? Give me Norv Turner and Jason Garrett 100 times out of 100.