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Rex Ryan, Bill Belichick among most overrated head coaches

According to a poll of NFL players, Rex Ryan and Bill Belichick are the most overrated coaches in the league, with Belichick receiving 16 of 103 votes.

Jim Rogash

The AFC East was well represented in a Sporting News poll asking NFL players to name the league's most overrated head coach, as the New York Jets' Rex Ryan and the New England Patriots' Bill Belichick placed 1-2, well ahead of other competitors.

Out of 103 players from 27 different teams, 35 tabbed Ryan as the league's most overrated, with an additional 16 voting for Belichick. Although 17 coaches were named by at least one player, nobody else received more than ten votes, with Andy Reid from the Philadelphia Eagles, Mike Shanahan of the Washington Redskins, and Mike Tomlin of the Pittsburgh Steelers rounding out the top five.

Including last year. It's tough to call Belichick overrated with his track record of success, but he does often receive credit as being the league's best coach: his three Super Bowl championships are evened out by three NFL Coach of the Year honors. Perhaps the players polled are wondering what Belichick has done lately, as his teams haven't won a title since 2004 and have lost close games in the Super Bowl twice, including last season.