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Rob Gronkowski buys $1.6 million home in Florida

What does one do when he's stuck at home recovering from an injury? Drop $1.6 million on a new party pad of course!

Jared Wickerham

Broken forearms are never fun but at least New England Patriots TE Rob Gronkowski will be able to recover from his in style after recently dropping $1.6 million on a new beachside bungalow in Tampa, FL, according to TMZ.

The 4,781-square-foot mansion features four bedrooms and five bathrooms but that's not the crib's only luxuries. Just because Gronk is a fan of the finer things in life, his new abode reportedly also has built-in fish tanks, a high quality surround sound system across the entire house, three "outdoor entertainment areas" and one of those fancy schmancy infinity pools. Oh yeah, and a beautiful view of the ocean. That's not too bad either.

Gronk just underwent surgery this past Monday so he should have the next four to six weeks to break in the new bachelor pad. And if the Patriots ever feel that he's not worth his hefty contract down the road, I'm sure the Buccaneers wouldn't mind bringing him aboard since he's already in the area.