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NFL Power Rankings 2012, Week 12: Patriots remain in top-10

The New England Patriots have remained in the top-10 of the majority of power ranking polls.

Jared Wickerham

The New England Patriots remain in the top-10 of the majority of power rankings polls. Fresh off a dominating win over the Indianapolis Colts, the Patriots rose in several of the polls and are hovering around the top-five in several rankings.

At SB Nation, curator Joel Thorman placed the team at No. 5 overall, which is four spots up from last week's ranking. Citing the team's explosive offense, Thorman reflects on how potent Tom Brady and company have been as of late:

The Patriots are averaging 42.5 points per game on their four-game winning streak. Think about that -- averaging 42.5 points. When was the last time your team scored 42 points? Sunday's 59-pointer didn't hurt.

At, Brian Billick moved the team up three spots from last week to No. 6 overall and commended the team on their ability to defeat an inferior opponent at home, stating that championship-caliber teams win games they're supposed to. also had the Patriots ranked at No. 6 overall.

The team's lowest ranking this week came from where they were placed at No. 8 overall.