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2012 NFL Power Rankings: Patriots remain in top-10 in polls

The New England Patriots have remained in the top-10 in the majority of power ranking polls.

Jim Rogash

The New England Patriots experienced little movement in the power ranking polls this week, as the team has managed to retain a top-10 ranking in the majority of polls. Successfully extending their winning streak to three games on Sunday with a division win over the Buffalo Bills, the Patriots have a two-game lead in the AFC East in addition to a 3-0 record within the division.

In SB Nation's poll curated by Joel Thorman, New England stayed at the No. 9 overall position, which was their position last week. Thorman gives the team credit for their winning streak but acknowledged that their schedule has been fairly easy.

Brian Billick also placed the Patriots at No. 9 overall in poll, which was a spot lower than last week. Citing surprise over how close the game was, Billick praised the team's turnover ratio and justified that it was the difference in the game.

Pete Prisco at kept the team at the No. 6 overall position in his poll, while ESPN (No. 8 overall) and (No. 7 overall) moved the team up one spot from last week.