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2012 NFL Power Rankings: Patriots remain in top 10

Following Sunday's overtime victory against the New York Jets, the New England Patriots remain in the top 10 of the majority of power polls.

Jim Rogash

The New England Patriots have moved up two spots in SB Nation's weekly power ranking to the No. 7 overall position following Sunday's overtime victory against the New York Jets.

Despite the victory, some questions remain regarding the Patriots. After seemingly putting up a healthy lead that should have sealed the game, New England needed overtime to put away their division foes. This occurrence, in addition to early season struggles, have some wondering whether this team is capable of reaching the standard of Patriots teams from the past.

SB Nation's Ryan Van Bibber believes that Sunday's victory displayed the quality of the team and expressed confidence that the Patriots can overcome their turbulent start.

Pete Prisco of is not as sold on New England and stated that something seems off with them. He did, however, move the team up one spot in his ranking from last week to No. 8 overall. Brian Billick of kept the team at No. 9 overall and shared Thorman's confidence in their ability to pull things together. was the only poll to move the Patriots down, albeit by one spot, to No. 8 overall.