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Jets contact NFL regarding Patriots' offense

The New York Jets have contacted the NFL regarding the proper enforcement of the league's substitution rules during Sunday's game between the Jets and the New England Patriots, ESPN is reporting.

Per NFL rules, if an offense makes a substitution between plays, the defense is allowed to make a substitution as well. After reviewing film from the Patriots' 31-21 win over the Denver Broncos, the Jets coaching staff concluded that the rule was not regularly enforced during that game, which ultimately hurt Denver's chances at a victory.

Per a member of the Jets' coaching staff, "we have already talked to the league office and [New York head coach] Rex [Ryan] will be in the ref's ear about this all game." Additionally, the Jets staff will be certain to reinforce their position on the league's substitution rules before the game begins, when they are scheduled to meet with the game's officials.

The no-huddle offense that New England often runs, and the rules regarding defensive substitution, have gained significant attention leading up to this game, with the Jets publicly commenting on the issue on multiple occasions. Jets defensive coordinator Mike Pettine said that if these rule are not enforced that the game could become "chaos", and linebacker Calvin Pace even told ESPN that he felt the no-huddle is "borderline illegal."

Sunday's game between the New York Jets and New England Patriots will begin at 4:25 p.m. ET and will be broadcast on CBS.