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Revolution Vs. SKC Update: Teal Bunbury Punishes New England Mistake, Kansas City Leads 1-0

The New England Revolution did not get off to the best start in their home match against Sporting Kansas City on Saturday night, falling behind 1-0 in the 20th minute. A defensive error allowed Teal Bunbury to put the visitors in the lead.

Cleaning up an SKC clearance, Clyde Simms attempted to head the ball back to Stephen McCarthy, who would have had space and time to move the ball to a better spot. Simms' header was short, however, and as McCarthy attempted to corral it off the bounce, Bunbury got there first and nicked it away. After that it was a sprint in on Reis, and Bunbury was able to shape up for a low far-post shot with Matt Reis stranded all alone in the area.

Kansas City was forced into an early substitution when Bobby Convey was taken off due to injury. Former collegiate standout Soony Saad replaced him in the seventh minute.

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