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Revolution Vs. Impact Update: Controversial Penalty Puts Montreal Up 1-0

The New England Revolution have an opportunity in Montreal to take three road points against a struggling opponent, but their quest for victory has not gotten off to the best start. Patrice Bernier converted a controversial penalty call from referee Fotis Bazakos to put the home Montreal Impact up 1-0 in the 28th minute.

The play began when Sanna Nyassi played a quick ball to Marco Di Vaio, who bumpered it back to Nyassi in the box. The Gambian had gotten goal-side of Chris Tierney, and the left back was judged to have pulled him down when trying to get back in position.

Interestingly, Bernier took his penalty three times before it counted. Matt Reis' protestations caused Bazakos to wave off the first, while he was forced to then disallow the second attempt due to encroachment. It didn't matter to Bernier, though, as he buried each kick, including the one that counted.

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