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Shalrie Joseph: I'll Play Until I'm 40

Shalrie Joseph doesn't want to call it quits. He loves what he does so much (and what's not to love? He gets paid to play soccer) that he said, as long as he's healthy, he wants to play until he's 39 or 40.

"As long as my body holds up, I think I will continue to play until I'm 39 or 40," he said on Friday. "There are guys in Europe who are playing until they're 40 and they have been successful and be very good at it. They're great players in their own right. I don't stand a chance of being next to them. They're playing at a high level. I would love to continue to play." (via Big Apple Soccer)

That's certainly good news for Revs fans, considering that Joseph has had one heck of a career in New England. Joseph joined the Revolution in the 2003 season and has played with them ever since, building a reputation as one of the better midfielders in the sport.

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