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New Revs Manager Jay Heaps Hopes For 'Fresh Start' For His Players

Ever since making the decision to part ways with manager Steve Nicol, the New England Revolution have been looking to take on a new identity. After a disastrous ninth place finish last season, new manager Jay Heaps looks to change things up a bit.

On Tuesday, the Revolution held their first practice on the grounds of Gillette Stadium of the new season. While Heap, who played under Nicol from 2002-2009, will adopt some similar principles and approaches as his old coach, he will also look to change a few things.

"I want to give them a fresh start," Heaps said. "I want them all to feel that they're coming in here with a new set of eyes on them and a new set of responsibilities, and it may not be the same as they have played in the past." (via ESPN Boston)

Rather than the traditional, gradual approach to starting a new season, Heaps looks to do the exact opposite. As he explains, he feels it's important to go ahead and dive into intense training and practice now, so when the season starts, the squad will be ready.

"We want to get the players thinking," Heaps said. "About being a possession-oriented team, about how we're going to attack, and how we're going to get forward along with how we'll defend. Those are important things to start dealing with now as opposed to [when] the season starts." (via ESPN Boston)

As the team's color commentator last season for CSN New England, Heaps really couldn't stand the sight of seeing his Revs win only five games. Now that he's the coach, he looks to hopefully improve upon lessons learned for last season.

"It was really about accountability," Heaps said. "We want to hold ourselves accountable as a staff and we want to hold the players accountable. They have the commitment. Now, it's about giving them the tools to succeed." (via ESPN Boston)

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