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New England Patriots Are The Second Most Valuable NFL Team, Per Forbes

Congratulations, Patriots fans. You've helped Robert Kraft make your team the second most valuable in the National Football League, according to Forbes. New England is worth $1.64 billion while Dallas topped the two billion plateau at $2.1 billion.

Behind the Cowboys and Patriots, the Washington Redskins ($1.6 billion), New York Giants ($1.47 billion) and Houston Texans ($1.31 billion) round out the top five. The next most valuable AFC East team is, shocker, the New York Jets, worth $1.28 billion.

Philadelphia ($1.26 billion), Chicago ($1.19 billion), San Francisco ($1.17 billion) and Green Bay ($1.16 billion) are the Nos. 6-10 most valuable NFL teams.

New England's remaining division-mates, the Miami Dolphins and Buffalo Bills, come in at Nos. 15 and 29. The Dolphins are worth $1.06 billion while the Bills come in at $805 million. The Jacksonville Jaguars were the least valuable NFL team, but still drew a price tag of $770 million. Not bad, huh?

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