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Cardinals Vs. Patriots 2012 Blog Reaction: 'That Game Was Painful To Watch'

Following the Patriots 20-18 home loss to the Cardinals on Sunday, most Patriot fans were a combination of shocked and angry. New England entered the game as 13-point favorites, and most fans were expecting them to win easily.

They had a shot to win, but missed a field goal as time expired. The unexpected loss -- combined with the missed field goal and a few questionable coaching decisions -- led to some interesting fan reaction at Pats Pulpit.

"God that game was painful to watch

Brady doesn’t have the ability to throw the ball deep anymore since he spent the last 2 seasons throwing short. Overthrow a wide open Lloyd last week and a wide open Gronkowski this week. Receivers can’t get open so Brady ends up sacking himself multiple times. Atrocious play calling. Get in a rhythm with some 10-15 yard passes and then take a 40 yard shot that’s not even close on 1st down, run for 2 yards on 2nd down, and then miss a pass on 3rd. So many stalled drives." -- Boiler-Up

"Got a thing of ice cream

Crying in a corner and probably going to eat the whole thing. DONT JUDGE ME!" -- cannedham

"Special teams gets an F this week" -- calc

"This game felt like
a slow motion action scene where the main character has a bullet charging right for his head, he narrowly dodges it, but then somehow the bullet curves around and hits him anyways." -- New Century Silver

There is, however, always a bright side.

"remember when we lost to the redskins in 2003?
we all know the ending to that story very well- its has some parallels to this game. maybe we can go on a 21-game win streak" -- freeland1787

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