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Patriots Set Attendance Record At Training Camp

The New England Patriots have been in camp for the last few days as they prepare for the upcoming season and, hopefully, another run at the Super Bowl with Tom Brady as the quarterback. In recent years, training camp sessions have attracted more and more fans hoping to get an early glimpse of the team, at a fraction of the cost (read: zero cost). But today (most of this week in fact) was especially impressive.

Via Mike Reiss' Twitter:

Patriots announce today's training camp crowd at 13,654. New single-session record. Breaks yesterday's mark.

That is A LOT of people to watch the team work out and go through drills at half speed with no pads.

It's a testament to the way that football has surpassed baseball as the penultimate sport in the Boston area (don't tell that to the folks on Yawkey Way though) and that is thanks in large part to Coach Bill Belichick and Robert Kraft who have built a dynasty in Foxborough. Having Brady, three Super Bowls and the potential to be in the mix pretty much every year doesn't hurt either.