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Gino Cappelletti Retires: Longtime Patriots Radio Commentator Calls It Quits

Gino Cappelletti is hanging up his microphone, and he is leaving quite the legacy behind. Cappeletti, who had served as a color commentary for the New England Patriots Radio Network for the past 33 years, announced his retirement from the broadcast booth on Friday. In an interview with the Boston Herald, Cappelletti said that his decision to step down was instinctual.

"It was an instinct that sometimes is so personal that you know that it might be the time to make a decision like this," Cappelletti said. "It's been 33 long years with the Patriots - not that they weren't exciting and good years - but the length of time certainly has been part of that. Of course, I've got to believe that this was the time to do it, and I had a great experience with all of it.

"I look forward to many fond memories because of what we saw with the Patriots throughout the years with how they've improved in almost every category. They're one of the elite teams in the National Football League at this point, and I'm just proud and honored to have been part of it." (via Boston Herald)

Not only did Cappelletti leave a lasting legacy in the booth, but he also has quite the history with the team on the field. Cappelletti is one of a only few players to play in both the American Football League and the National Football League, playing with the Pats as a kicker and wide receiver from 1960-1970. In the 1964 season, Cappelletti was named the AFL's MVP.

So long, Gino. Thanks for all of the memories, on the field and in the booth. We will miss you.

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