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Food And Wine 1, Wes Welker 0

New England Patriots wide receiver is in Aspen, Co., this week getting ready for his wedding. Welker and a few of his pals had a little run-in with Aspen's finest last Friday when they tried to elbow their way into an event without checking in first, a major no-no even for NFL receivers on the Aspen party scene.

Welker and six friends were tackled, according to reports, after they pushed their way into the "Summerology" party hosted by Patron as part of the Aspen Food and Wine Classic. Security tackled the group, even as they demanded to be let into the event, according to witnesses.

A brawl nearly erupted, and Welker and his group had to be restrained before the matter was resolved. No arrests were made.

Welker made light of the incident afterward, posting the following tweet on his account: