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Is Joseph Addai The Ideal Successor To Kevin Faulk?

The New England Patriots have reportedly agreed to a deal with former Indianapolis Colts running back Joseph Addai. Could the veteran take over the role that Kevin Faulk has played for the Pats in recent years (before his injury)? For his part, Faulk hasn't officially decided on his future and last month was optimistic about returning to New England. But assuming Faulk retires or does not end up on the Patriots next season, Steve DeOssie talked about what role Addai could play on the Patriots.

Besides playing for LSU in college, both Addai and Faulk are backs that can run the ball for a solid average (4.2 ypc for Faulk, 4.1 ypc for Addai) as well as be a threat to catch the ball out of the backfield (42.8 catches/16 games for Faulk, 39.2 catches/16 games for Addai). Another thing both running backs do well is hold on to the football. Addai's only fumbled seven times in six NFL seasons (1.4 fumbles/16 games) while Faulk has fumbled 25 times (2.5 fumbles/16 games) during his lengthy career.

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