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Troy Brown Shares Thoughts On The Passing Of Junior Seau

The news of Junior Seau's sudden and tragic passing left the football world stunned and saddened, and many of his teammates have reflected upon the memories that they shared with the long-time standout linebacker.

Troy Brown, who played with Seau for two seasons in New England, spoke to about the kind of person that Seau was, and it's clear from his words that Brown held great reverence for him. His initial reaction to the news was "disbelief."

Brown shared a touching story about how kind and caring Seau was with his children when the two were teammates at the Pro Bowl one season, and it is clear that meant a tremendous amount to the former receiver.

You can listen to the entirety of the interview here, and expect that more stories will continue to be shared in the coming days.

For more news on the Seau death as it comes out, stay tuned to this StoryStream.