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Gisele Bundchen Makes $18 Million More Than Husband Tom Brady

It's not often that the wife of an NFL player makes more than he does, and that's not a slight on women. Simply put, football players get a lot of money, especially guys like New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. Still, even though Brady made a cool $27 million, his wife earned more money. A lot more money, $18 million to be specific.

Oh, right, did we mention his wife was a supermodel?

Gisele Bundchen brought home $45 million in 2011, according to Forbes (relayed by CNBC's Darren Rovell). Between the two, that's (pulls up calculator on Mac ... hey, I'm a writer, not a math teacher) $63 million. A wild guess, but I think everyone got what they wanted for Christmas last year, and then some.

Of course, this has nothing to do with sports, other than the fact that it involves Brady.

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