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Junior Seau Dead At 43, According To Reports: Suicide Suspected

Twelve-time Pro Bowl linebacker Junior Seau has been found dead at his house in California and suicide is reportedly suspected.

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Junior Seau, the 12-time Pro Bowl linebacker who spent the last four seasons of his NFL career with the New England Patriots, has been found dead in his California home and police reportedly suspect suicide.

TMZ reports that Seau was found dead Wednesday at his home in Oceanside, California, and is suspected of shooting himself. The 43-year old leaves behind an ex-wife and three kids.

In 2010 Seau survived driving his car off a cliff, an incident that came shortly after he was arrested on a charge of domestic abuse. He claimed at the time that he was not attempting suicide but simply fell asleep at the wheel.

TMZ reports that relatives did not recognize any signs of depression during recent weeks. He reportedly text massaged his ex-wife and his three kids to say, "I love you." They each reportedly responded to his text message and did not notice anything wrong.