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New England Patriot Wes Welker Wants One Thing For His Birthday: A New Deal

It's New England Patriots wide receiver Wes Welker's 31st birthday Tuesday, and the self-titled "professional tweeter who wastes his talents playing American Football" made quite the Twitter splash on his special day.

The New England Patriots' official Twitter account (@Patriots) wished Welker a happy birthday Tuesday morning. Later in the afternoon, Welker responded, tweeting:

Welker and the Patriots are embroiled in talks over a new deal after the team franchised him. The eight year veteran has not yet participated in off-season workouts with the team because of the lack of agreement. Welker has been criticized by former Patriot Willie McGinest for his hold out, and responded via his favorite social media site, pointing out that McGinest himself left the Patriots in the pursuit for more coin.

What else might Welker tweet on his birthday? Whatever it is, odds are good that it will be entertaining. This is the man who tweets the nearest Whole Foods Market to Patriot Place about tofu burritos, calls Chad OchoCinco "grasshopper", and made a Footloose reference towards a Twitter account who made reference to his dropped pass in the Super Bowl.