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2013 NFL Mock Draft: New England Patriots Linked To Jordan Poyer

The 2012 NFL Draft is old news folks. Hold onto your hats, because here comes the do-you-believe-it 2013 NFL Mock Draft done by SB Nation's very own Ryan Van Bibber.

In this piece, Van Bibber has the New England Patriots selecting 29th overall and taking Jordan Poyer.

Poyer is a very talented cornerback out of Oregon State and makes sense on many levels.

New England has done quite a bit in this offseason to address multiple needs on the defensive side of the ball. However, one area that wasn't truly taken care of was corner. Don't forget, wide receiver Julian Edelman was taking snaps in the Super Bowl as a corner. That's the true definition of needing massive help.

Poyer can upgrade that area with his combination of speed and athleticism. The only saving grace for the Patriots this year is playing in a division with two teams that can't throw the football to save their lives in Miami and New York.

Heck, the Jets have two starting quarterbacks and still can't complete a pass.

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