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2012 NFL Draft: New England Patriots Sign 4 UDFAs

NEPatriotsdraft reports the following undrafted free agents have signed with the New England Patriots:

  • Jeremiah Warren - 6'4" 340lbs - An offensive lineman out of South Florida, Warren has an average step off the ball, has good strength and heavy hands, and brings experience at left tackle and guard. He has a natural athleticism and good coordination for someone his size.
  • Markus Zusevics - 6'5" 300lbs. - An offensive tackle out of Iowa, Zusevics has a good burst off the line, and moves with decent quickness & lateral agility, but lacks overall athleticism.
  • Marcus Forston - 6'3" 300lbs - Perhaps the UDFA signing with the post potential, this defensive tackle from the Miami Hurricanes was hampered by injury and only played 3 games in the 2011 season. He has impressive agility and defends well against the run, but will only have a chance if he manages to stay healthy.
  • Brad Herman - 6'4" 252lbs - The second Iowa Hawkeyes player signed by the Patriots, this tight end lacks strength and has minimal experience as a featured player in an offense. He has decent speed, though, and plays with urgency.

As usual with the post-draft flurry of activity, not all of these signings turn out exactly as they seem. Stay tuned to this story stream as more details become clear.

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