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NFL Mock Draft 2012: Patriots Pick Up Shea McClellin, Harrison Smith

Given the fact that the New England Patriots don't select until pick number 27 in the first round of the NFL Draft, it's difficult to dig inside of the mind of head coach Bill Belichick to decipher what the team will do, but a pair of mock draft see it going the same way.

More From SB Nation: 2012 NFL Draft Coverage and Ryan Van Bibber of both released final mock drafts, and each had the Patriots taking Shea McClellin of Boise State at pick 27 and Harrison Smith of Notre Dame at pick 31.

Here's MTD's analyses first:

McClellin: "Pick a pass rusher, any pass rusher, and expect it to be the Patriots' pick (barring a trade out). McClellin is a good athlete, but never had the production to generate much initial buzz. Now he's a hot name for most 3-4 teams. While the Patriots run more 4-3 sets, a player like McClellin could held up well in either."

Smith: "Any level of the defense could be the direction the Patriots go (again, if they keep the pick). This pick could be a player like Marshall's Vinny Curry, a cornerback or a lineman. So why Smith? Because after him, there's a massive drop off in talent at the position. In all honesty, though, this could be the pick a team trades into to select quarterback Brandon Weeden."

And Van Bibber's:

McClellin: "This week marks the first time McClellin has been to New York City, leaving is hometown of about 1,000 residents He might want to get used to the city, considering he could play here and add to the indignities the Patriots heap upon the Jets each season."

Smith: "A late entrant that Mayock has turned the world onto, the Patriots are not afraid of reaching for a pick, or at least what some may consider a reach. Belichick will probably trade, one direction or another, but he has to add a safety."

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