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Patriots Offseason News 2012: Kevin Faulk Doesn't Want To Retire

Running back Kevin Faulk doesn't want to end his career just yet. But he isn't sure whether the New England Patriots feel the same way.

The 35-year old had been contemplating retirement, but told reporters Thursday during an appearance at Hasbro Children's Hospital that he wants to play another year.

"I am training to come back to play," Faulk said. "But it's not up to me. It's up to the team and everything, but I am planning on coming back to play, so we'll see what happens."

"It took me awhile to make a decision. But I felt like I needed this time. I've been playing professional football for a very long time," Faulk said. "To have that opportunity, to be able to play again, I wanted to give myself that time to think about, and I thought about it, and I knew where my heart is, and it's always been there."

Faulk has played 13 seasons, all with the Patriots. He appeared in seven games last season, rushing 17 times for 57 yards.

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