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2012 NFL Mock Draft: Chandler Jones, Jerel Worthy Projected To Go To Patriots In Latest SI Mock Draft

In the latest Sports Illustrated 2012 NFL Mock Draft, Don Banks projects the Patriots to use the 27th pick to select Chandler Jones (DE, Syracuse) and the 31st pick to select Jerel Worthy (DT, Michigan State).

Here's what Banks said about Jones:

(From New Orleans). The Patriots have some quality options to choose from in their search for a versatile player who can play both end and outside linebacker in their 3-4 multiple-front schemes. Getting younger and more athletic in the front seven is a must this season in Foxboro.

And Banks said about Worthy:

If the Patriots don't trade out of their second first-rounder, Worthy would be an excellent value and adds another talented and versatile prospect to New England's defensive front seven.

Worthy has come up more than once for the Patriots in mock drafts. Jones is also a frequent mock draft pick for the Patriots. Even when they don't come up in the mock draft results, it seems pretty clear that New England is going with a defensive selection in the first round.

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