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Chad Ochocinco Expected Back With Patriots, According To Report

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According to Adam Schefter, Chad Ochocinco will be back with the New England Patriots next season.

"Ochocinco will be back in New England next year," Schefter says in the video above. "They believe that he'll spend this offseason immersing himself in the playbook, familiarizing himself with the Patriots' offense. They're going to bring all these wide receivers in and let them compete in training camp and the best receivers will play."

The six-time Pro Bowler was ineffective, if not irrelevant in New England last season. He caught a career-low 15 passes for 276 yards and one touchdown. It was only his fourth season without reaching 1,000 yards receiving during his 11 years in the NFL.

Ocho played on 354 total snaps last season, Playoffs and Super Bowl included. His PFF score for the season was -0.3. For the 2008 season PFF graded Chad as the eight-best pass-catcher receiver in the league.

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