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VIDEO: Rob Gronkowski Wants You To Vote For Him As The Madden Cover Boy

It looks like another concern has been added to the New England Patriots' offseason to-do list: Sign Wes Welker (check), improve the secondary, draft Belichickian type players and now get Rob Gronkowski on the cover of Madden NFL 2013... Well at least he wants you to help make that one happen.

The Patriots tight end has launched a viral campaign to get you the fan to vote for him as the 2013 Madden cover boy. Gronkowski has a pretty strong resume, as he totaled 90 rec for 1,327 yards and 15 touchdowns in just his second year with the Patriots.

Gronkowski's competition is fierce, as Aaron Rodgers, Calvin Johnson, Arian Foster and even teammate Wes Welker are up against him in the vote. With anyone with knowledge of the infamous 'Madden Curse', I advise you strictly against voting for either Gronkowski or Welker. But Gronk disagrees with me. Check out his sales pitch in a video made by him, after the jump.

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