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Bradying Now Has Its Own Website

Bradying has really taken off in the last few days. The pose, which mocks Tom Brady as he sat on the ground after throwing a game-changing interception during Super Bowl XLVI, has spread like wildfire throughout the internet. In fact, our original Bradying post has been the most viewed post on SB Nation Boston over the past few days.

Now, Bradying has its very own website. features pictures of exactly what you would think - people "Bradying." If you are a New England Patriots fan, we would advise that you don't visit the site. It is depressing, beyond words. Still, there are plenty of people who hate Brady (if there's any consolation, people always seem to hate the world's most successful people). Here's a sample.

Depressing, isn't it? As if we needed anything else to make us feel worse. Well, at least we still have the Bruins, Celtics and soon the Red Sox. All things considered, we still have it made here in Beantown.

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