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Steve DeOssie On His Comments At Giants Party: 'I Called It Like I Saw It'

Steve DeOssie, co-host of the Real Post Game Show on WEEI and father of Giants long snapper Zak DeOssie, got into some hot water about comments he made at a party for the Giants. DeOssie a former linebacker and long snapper for both the Patriots and Giants, explained his comments today on The Big Show.

"I basically said a lot of things that I believe, like the Giants were going to win the game," DeOssie said. "That has nothing to do with my son, and if people up here take it as some way of me disliking the Patriots, it's wrong. My heart, when it comes to football, is with the team that gave me an opportunity, that I won a championship with. The ownership helped me with a very difficult position that I was in in my life. Without any recriminations, I love the Giants organization. It doesn't mean I don't feel strongly about the Patriots. I really loved my two years there. It was great, and it was fun, but when I look back on my football career, I consider myself a New York Giant. I could understand how people could get riled up about that, but I'm not sure I said anything that was untrue." (via WEEI)

DeOssie did say that he could have done a better job clarifying his comments. He also explained his feelings for the Patriots organization.

"When it comes to my allegiance to the Patriots, which has been great," he said. "Bill Belichick has been great to me, and the two years that I was there, the Krafts were fantastic to me. The Patriots fans have been great. ... I grew up here, I chose to make my home here. In a football context, sometimes when it comes to a choice between the Patriots and the Giants, there's a conflict there ... but I'm not struggling in New England. I love New England."

DeOssie knew that his comments could have been taken the wrong way by Pats fans, although that was not his intention.

"My intention was to enjoy the day, appreciate the giants' fans support," he said. "I called it like I saw it. I saw the Giants winning that game."

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