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2012 Super Bowl Commercials: From Dogs, To Dreams, To Talking Babies

The Super Bowl is a big deal for many reasons, but one of those reasons, of course, is the commercials. The game is watched by so many people that big companies pay millions of dollars for just a minute, even less, or air time. As a result, some of the funniest and best commercials are released during this one three-hour period.

And, without further ado, here are the commercials from Super Bowl XLVI:

Bud Light introduces Platinum on the factory lines:

Audi headlights aren't good for vampires:

Elton John is king in Pepsi's court:

A Cheetah may not be faster than a Hyundai, but it is faster than a man:

Naked M&M's: It's that kind of party....

Polar Bears drink Coke and they're superstitious:

To survive the coming 2012 apocalypse, all you need is a Chevy truck:

Another GoDaddy tease:

Lexus: change cannot be contained:

Celebrate the end of prohibition with a Budweiser:

Dog bribes man with bag of Doritos:

Grad thinks he's getting a new car:

General Electrice: Power and Beer:

Getting your taxes done is like peeing in the pool?:

Fat dogs and Star Wars.... enough said:

David Beckham makes me not want to own any mirrors:

More Coke polar bears:

Chevrolet Anthem:

Underdog literally wins a race thanks to some new kicks:

Be confident when you shop for cars:

Doritos sling-shot baby:

It wouldn't be the Super Bowl without the E-Trade baby:

Hulu represented by Will Arnett:

Toyota Connections:

LMFAO and Bud Light:

Dirty Harry talks halftime and America:

Fiat 500 Arbath:

Coke Zero Guy Wins Pepsi Max prize:

Everyone wants to have the first new Acura:

NFL safety timeline.. pretty cool:

Ferris Bueller takes another day off:

Dog named HereWeGo:

Hyundai.... think fast:

Kia... A cowboy riding a Rhino... Best. Dream. Ever.:

There were of course a few more and a handful of movie trailers worth watching (if you're into GI Joe and The Avengers). For more on commercials from Super Bowl XLVI, check out their commercial stream.