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Super Bowl 2012, Patriots Vs. Giants: A New York Perspective

Ed Valentine is Regional Editor of SB Nation New York and Editor of Big Blue View.

'Nightmare.' 'Total Disaster.' Shocked.' Players having "suicidal thoughts." There are riots in the streets.. These are some of the things I am reading about on this website after the New England Patriots 21-17 loss to the New York Giants Sunday in Super Bowl XLVI.

I am not here to gloat. Seriously, I am not. The editor of this fine site, Gethin Coolbaugh, was kind enough to offer to share some of his post-game thoughts at SB Nation New York. I am here only to return the favor.

After reading some of these things, I have to ask -- did you not think it was possible that the Giants would win the game Sunday night? If you didn't, you aren't alone. I think there are many people who, until Sunday night, still wanted to underestimate the ability of Eli Manning, the talent on the Giants roster and the resolve of a team few thought could do this just seven weeks ago.

The Giants have earned a reputation for talking smack, and I know Brandon Jacobs talked his fair share Sunday night after the game. I am not here to do that.

I have watched all five Giants Super Bowl games, and the last two victories over the Patriots are special. Partially because any Super Bowl victory is special, but beating an organization and a quarterback/coach combo as historically good as the one the Patriots have is special. In many ways the Patriots are still the standard-bearers for how things should get done.

Having Tom Brady with the ball in his hands in the final minute with a chance to win was the nightmare scenario for the Giants. They have to feel fortunate to have held on.

Brady is still a special quarterback, and even with the loss the Patriots are still a special franchise.

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