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Super Bowl 2012 Score: Eli Manning Leads Giants On Another Game-Winning Drive, Leads 21-17

The New England Patriots are suffering through a terrible case of Deja Vu. After a pair of dropped passes cost the Patriots their chance to seal the game, Eli Manning led the New York Giants on a long touchdown drive that may well prove to be the deciding score in Super Bowl XLVI.

Despite having plenty of time on the clock, Eli Manning wasted no time getting downfield. The first play from scrimmage went down the left side to Mario Manningham to bring the Giants all the way to the 50-yard line. Two more passes to Manningham netted 18 more. Turning to Hakeem Nicks this time, Manning brought the Giants into the red zone with a 14-yard gain.

Now facing an impossible situation, the Patriots could only watch as the Giants worked the clock down into the last two minutes. After a 2nd-and-3 pass set up first-and-goal, Bill Belichick opted to let Ahmad Bradshaw through for the touchdown in order to conserve a minute on the clock. A failed two point conversion leaves it 21-17, still out of reach of a field goal.