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Super Bowl 2012 Score: Giants Inch Closer With Another Field Goal, Trail 17-15

The Patriots have held on to their lead after another late stop, but the Giants managed to inch within two points at 17-15 by picking up their second straight field goal.

With Tom Brady and the Patriots offense being derailed deep in their own territory, the Giants were able to start their drive past the 50-yard line after Zoltan Mesko's punt. The drive very nearly ended on the second play when Hakeem Nicks coughed up the ball after a big catch, but with only Giants in the area it was an easy recovery for New York.

Brandon Jacobs took the next two plays for 10 yards before Eli found Bear Pascoe for 12 more to bring the Giants just shy of the New England 10. Once again, though, the Patriots defense tightened up late. Ahmad Bradshaw was held to just two total yards on a pair of runs, and as Eli Manning looked for the first, Rob Ninkovich and Mark Anderson came down on him for the sack, forcing fourth down and a field goal.