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Super Bowl 2012 Score: Patriots, Perfect Tom Brady Open Second Half With Touchdown, Lead 17-9

Ever since throwing a couple of passes into the arms of defensive linesmen, Tom Brady has been absolutely perfect, leading the Patriots on their second straight touchdown for a 17-9 lead early in the second half.

After completing 10-of-10 pass attempts in the touchdown drive that ended the first half, Tom Brady maintained his momentum as the Patriots got the ball to start the third quarter. Chad Ochocinco made a surprise appearance on the first play, picking up 20 yards down the left sideline. Brady went to BenJarvus Green-Ellis for another eight, and then handed it off to him for a big run to the right side that netted 17.

With Wes Welker picking up five yards on a quick pass, the Patriots went to the ground to get into the red zone, but from there it was all Tom Brady. Welker made another grab to bring the Patriots to the 12, and with his next throw Brady found Aaron Hernandez, who bounced off a tackle and into the end zone to give the Patriots an eight-point lead.