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Super Bowl 2012: President Barack Obama Shares Thoughts On Patriots Vs. Giants

There’s a reason why President Barack Obama is the commander-in-chief and not a football analyst. With Matt Lauer in the White House to talk, ostensibly, the Super Bowl, President Obama decided that Patriots vs. Giants was just too close to call—though he didn’t hesitate to say that it might come down to "a turnover or some ball on somebody’s helmet."

Thanks, Mr. President.

Of course, Matt Lauer is always one to ask the hard hitting questions, and so conversation soon turned to Iran and Israel Tom Brady’s good looks and whether or not he has any female fans in the Obama family or any poster representation in the East Wing.

For the whole story, including references to Super Bowl XLII and XLIII, the electoral impact of football games, and Justin Bieber, check out the full video: