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Super Bowl 2012: The New England Patriots Place In History With A Win

The New England Patriots aren't just playing for a Super Bowl victory. They're playing for a piece of NFL history.

Only one other quarterback-coach combination have ever won four championships in the Super Bowl era, that of course being Terry Bradshaw and Chuck Noll of the 70's Steelers.

With a victory tonight, Tom Brady would join the aforementioned Bradshaw and Joe Montana, the man he grew up watching at Candlestick Park, as the only quarterbacks to ever win four Super Bowls.

The Patriots are already considered one of the great dynasties in NFL history, but this win would elevate them to another level.

New England should be thought of as the most impressive of all in some aspects. Bill Belichick is doing all of this in a salary cap era, something the 49ers of the 80's and Steelers of the 70's didn't have to deal with. It was much easier to stay on top back then with less changes to the roster.

It would be hard to argue this Patriots team is individually a great group. Outside of Tom Brady, nobody is headed to Canton off of this current squad in all likelihood.

In fact, this particular 2011 squad isn't even good all-around compared to past champions. The defense has been brutal for stretches and the running game is average but Brady and the passing attack have propelled this march to glory.

If New England can pull off one more win, it will be looked upon by history as one of the greatest teams to ever play.

When you factor in the previous three championship teams that reside in Foxboro, it's hard to diminish the incredible legacy they'll leave behind.