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Super Bowl 2012: Rob Gronkowski Ready To Go For The New England Patriots

Nobody can ever accuse Rob Gronkowski of being soft after Sunday's game.

According to ESPN's Ed Werder, the youngster will be taped heavily and re-evaluated in pre-game warmups.

While Gronkowski is dealing with perhaps the most famous high-ankle sprain of all time, he's ready to play in the biggest game of his life. There's a very legitimate chance that Gronkowski will need surgery in the coming days, but that's the price he'll pay for a potential Super Bowl ring.

After hurting the ankle in the third quarter of the AFC Championship against Baltimore, Gronkowski's ankle has been the hottest topic of conversation in the NFL.

It's a mystery how productive the All-Pro tight end will be against the Giants. Will he be a huge factor or a mere decoy? At the absolute worst, it should keep New York honest if he can make a play early in the game.

One thing to consider is the elongated halftime. Sitting for a while might hurt Gronkowski, so the first half could be more productive for him than the second..