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Super Bowl 2012: Chris Canty Brushes New England Aside On Twitter

New York Giants defensive tackle Chris Canty couldn't care less about Tom Brady and his high-flying offense. According to WEEI, he was responding to a Jason Romano tweet asking for Super Bowl predictions. Canty more than obliged with a 28-17 Giants response before the tweet was removed a few hours later.

It's doubtful the Patriots need any added motivation considering it's the Super Bowl against a team that halted their march to perfection in 2007. However, it certainly can't hurt the cause.

Canty also stirred up some controversy earlier in the week when he proclaimed New York would be holding a parade on Tuesday. New England has steered clear of any trash talking, deciding to take a very Bill Belichick like attitude leading into Super Sunday.

The Giants have been extremely confident all week and not afraid to show it. It'll be interesting to see if that translates on the field after a two-week layoff.

We'll find out very soon with the kickoff rapidly approaching.

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