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Super Bowl Odds 2012: Is The Coin Toss Fair?

Its a statical fact that no matter how many times you flip a coin the odds of it landing on tails or heads is 50-percent. Well, then how is it possible that for the past 14 Super Bowls the odds of winning the coin toss have favored the NFC?

That's right, for 14 straight years the NFC has won the coin toss -- crazy right? According to this ESPN's Stats and Info writer Albert Larcada, the probability of that happening is .006-percent. That last time AFC team team to win a coin toss was, ironically, the New England Patriots back in 1997.

Currently, Super Bowl prop bets have the coin-flip money line at (-115) for both head and tails.

Now, of course, you won't know what AFC or NFC team will be call what before kick off. However, I guess the odds are stacked against the AFC no matter what.

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