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Super Bowl Commercials 2012: The Hunger Games Teaser

Take The Running Man and re-imagine it as kids running around killing one another until one is left standing, throw in some social commentary and add a dash of Twilight-esque love-triangle action and you've got yourself The Hunger Games.

It's a big deal. The book series was a best-seller and your mom/girlfriend/wife/daughter has probably read them. Now the first book in the trilogy is a live-action movie starring Jennifer Lawrence, Elizabeth Banks and Woody Harrelson.

How do I know? Because a teaser trailer that will be broadcast before the Super Bowl has made it's way online already.

Good luck finding an embeddable version but you can watch the teaser here.

Now commence your "Who would survive The Hunger Games, Eli Manning or Tom Brady?" discussions. I'm going with Tom if only because I think he can somehow fashion his Uggs into a weapon.

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