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Patriots Vs. Giants, Super Bowl 2012: What Did Tiquan Underwood Do?

Flying under the radar (mostly because it just happened on Saturday) is the release of wide receiver Tiquan Underwood by the New England Patriots. Normally, this is a non story. Underwood wasn't exactly the world's best football player.

What was strange, though, is the timing of his release: one day before Super Bowl XLVI.

Now, any roster move in the NFL shouldn't be surprising. Bill Belichick especially has been known to make some head scratching moves, for better or worse. But this one is just odd. Why drop Underwood now?

The team won't tell us for sure, but one has to wonder if it is related to his behavior.

In his place, the Patriots signed rookie defensive end Alex Silvestro. I'm certainly not inside the head of Belichick or the Patriots, but do the Pats really stand to benefit that much more from Silvestro than they would have from Underwood.

True, the two are different players at different positions. It's not like the Patriots are thin at wideout, either, and there are quite a few players ahead of Underwood on the depth chart. But again, the timing is very peculiar.

Maybe this really is a football move. With Belichick, who knows? However, it's not likely.

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