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Patriots Vs. Giants, Super Bowl 2012: Bill Belichick, Food Dictator

Bill Belichick is the dictator of New England Patriots land. What he says goes. If not, then you're gone. Isn't that right, Randy Moss (and as recently as yesterday, Tiquan Underwood)? The following is just further proof of that very fact.

According to our sources, the team has been on serious lockdown this week when it came to meals. We're told in Indianapolis ...the players HAD to eat what was put on the table. (via TMZ)

Talk about controlling. Belichick doesn't trust his own players to even eat right beforehand.

Well, he may have a point here. After all, these are mostly young men who may not have the best eating habits to start with. Ever see that guy Vince Wilfork? Case and point. All in all, this is probably for the best. In Bill we trust!

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