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Super Bowl 2012, Patriots Vs. Giants: Bill Belichick Prepares For Madonna's Halftime Show

Through the years, Bill Belichick has earned a reputation as a meticulous coach who prepares for any situations. After Tom Brady used a quick-kick punt in the AFC Divisional Round against the Denver Broncos, for example, Brady noted that it was about time the Patriots used the play: he'd been practicing it for five years.

So it's no surprise that Belichick scripted practice this week with Madonna's Super Bowl Halftime Show in mind. (via WEEI)

"Normally our halftime is 12 minutes and this halftime will be closer to 30," Belichick said during Friday's press conference. "It gets into a whole restarting mentality. It's not like taking a break and coming out in the second half. It's like starting the game all over again. It's like playing a game, stopping, and then playing a second game, a doubleheader in baseball if you will. I think that makes it a little bit different.

"We tried to simulate that in practice on Wednesday. We had the players go through that process of restarting. You can have a meeting about it, you can talk about this is what it's going to be like. I just felt that it was beneficial for our team, this year, to actually put them through that-go out there and warm up, practice, take a break, shut it down for a half hour, go into the locker room, simulate what a halftime would be, in terms of corrections, adjustments, and re-starting our bodies both mentally and physically to restart the game."

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