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Super Bowl 2012, Patriots Vs. Giants: Top Smartphone Apps For Super Bowl

If you're wealthy and connected (or maybe just lucky), you might watch the Super Bowl in person. If you're at home or with friends, you'll probably watch the Super Bowl on television. Regardless of how you watch the game, you can use your smart phone to enhance your Super Bowl experience.

Some of the top Super Bowl smart phone apps, via Fox News:

Super Bowl XLVI Official NFL Game Program

The Super Bowl XLVI Official NFL Game Program provides viewers with the ability to look back at highlights from the Giants' and Patriots' quest to the Super Bowl. Viewers can also use the app to watch Super Bowl highlights from years past.

Download Super Bowl XLVI Official NFL Game Program: Apple iTunes


For those who have tickets to the Super Bowl, the SB XLVI Guide app is a must. It provides an interactive 3D map of Indianapolis, as well as a guide to local restaurants and Super Bowl events.

Download SB XLVI Guide: Apple iTunes

Chevy Game Time

Answer questions, potentially win prizes. Sounds good, no?

Download Chevy Game Time: Apple iTunes
Download Chevy Game Time: Android marketplace