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Super Bowl 2012: Official From "Fourth-And-Two" In Super Bowl Crew

Remember that play? It was from 2009 and became known as the fourth-and-two play that pretty much cost the Patriots their game against the Colts. Bill Belichick didn't like the call, which was made by Tom Stabile, and he may want to think twice about making a similar risky call in Super Bowl XLVI on Sunday because he's not only going to be in the same city, but Stabile will be a part of the officiating crew.


Tom Stabile, in his 17th season making calls in the NFL, is part of the crew that will be headed by 12th-year official John Parry. Stabile was the head linesman on Nov. 15, 2009, and he ruled that Faulk did not demonstrate control until after he was pushed behind the first-down marker. The Colts took possession at the New England 29 with just over two minutes left and scored the game-winning touchdown three plays later for a 35-34 victory.

Parry, who led the group of referees in the NFC Championship game, will be joined by Stabile, line judge Gary Arthur, field judge Gary Cavaletto, side judge Laird Hayes and back judge Tony Steratore, who combined have combined 95 years of experience officiating.

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